Adaptar PME - Project Sheet

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Project name | ADAPTAR - PME

Project code | CENTRO-02-08B9-FEDER-065684

Main objective| Strengthening the competitiveness of PME

Region of intervention | Centre

Entidade beneficiária | Calé – Indústria e Comercio, Lda.

Approval date | 30-07-2020

Start date | 01-06-2020

Completion date | 31-03-2021

Total eligible cost | 28 194,30 €

Apoio financeiro da União Europeia | FEDER 14097,15 €


- Adapting establishments, working methods and relationships with customers and suppliers in the context of COVID-19, guaranteeing compliance with established standards, the recommendations of the competent authorities and the recovery of consumer confidence in a Clean&Safe approach.


- Purchase and installation of sanitising and automatic disinfectant dispensing equipment

- Costs for reorganising and adapting workplaces and/or changing layouts to implement the guidelines and good practices of the competent authorities in the context of the COVID-19 disease, namely hygiene and safety measures.

- Purchase and installation of automatic payment devices, including those using contactless technology

- Purchase and installation of other control and physical distancing devices

- Costs for the purchase and placement of information and guidance for employees and the public, including vertical and horizontal signage, inside and outside spaces

- Acquisition of specialised consultancy services to redesign the layout of facilities and draw up business contingency plans and best practice manuals

- Development of a website to publicise our products, improve our image and brand and develop and implement an online ordering and sales system.

- Completed