customized cakes

At Calé we believe that cakes are for special occasions. That's why we offer different ways to give your celebrations a unique flavour. Your imagination is the limit.

*Attention: All cakes that include doll moulding, tiered cakes and icing effects, are subject to budget and must be ordered with in advance.

Type of dough:

Interior filling:

Exterior filling:

1. Normal Pão de Ló (sponge cake)

2. Chocolate Pão de Ló (sponge cake)

3. Chocolate Intense (soft cake)

4. Almond (soft cake)

5. Carrot (soft cake)

6. Walnut (soft cake)

7. Wholemeal (soft cake)

8. Pineapple (soft cake)

9. Puff pastry

10. Mixed (soft cake)

11. Mixed (sponge cake and puff pastry)

1. Egg jam

2. Chocolate

3. Whipped cream

4. Whipped cream with fruit

5. Strawberry

6. Wild fruits

7. Dulce de leche

8. Dulce de leche with walnuts

9. Milk Chocolate Ganache

10. Black Chocolate Ganache

11. White Chocolate Ganachee

12. Lemon Chocolate Ganache

13. Salted Caramel

1. Egg jam

2. Chocolate

3. Whipped cream

4. Strawberry

5. Chocolate Jelly

6. Caramel Jelly

7. Massapan (Almond)

8. Icing

9. Sugar paste

10. Obrea plate (wafer)